Remote backup by Beemo


The new backup solution designed for small businesses

The durability of a company depends on the backup of its data. A reliable backup should be external, automatic, provide an alert in case of a problem and provide a history of the data over time. Yet the backup solutions available to small businesses are unreliable : copying files to USB sticks, removable hard drives, NAS or Cloud storage offerings.

As part of its ongoing innovation process, Beemo has developed BeeHive, a new backup solution specially designed for small businesses.

BeeHive is a remote backup service hosted by a Beemo certified partner. Data is automatically backed up to a first site and then replicated to a second remote site. With BeeHive, the workstations to be backed up are set up and monitored remotely. Alerts and reports are sent by email to inform on the status of backups.

The benefits of this solution


Continuous access to data stored on BeeHive


An intuitive backup administration interface.


Automation of backup tasks, alerts and updates.

Quick installation

Quick implementation.

How BeeHive works

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