Hybrid backup : local box + cloud


Beemo triple backup for truly protected data.

Every company has sensitive data that is essential to its proper functioning and must be protected. Designed by Beemo Technologie, an expert in IT backup solutions, Beemo2Cloud is designed for all companies, regardless of the volume of data to be backed up. This easy-to-implement and easy-to-administer backup solution focuses on security by combining three levels of backup, ensuring business continuity through the constant availability of their information systems.

Your data is automatically saved on 3 different sites :
  1. on the Beemo placed in your company
  2. in a first secure Beemo Data Center (Marseille)
  3. in a second secure Beemo Data Center (Lyon)

Beemo’s triple backup guarantees business continuity in the event of a disaster thanks to the constant availability of their information systems.

The Beemo2Cloud solution is listed in the GouvTech Catalogue.

The benefits of this solution


Guaranteed restoration of data stored in Beemo data centres.


Continuous access to data stored on the Beemo.


An intuitive backup administration interface.


Automation of backup tasks, alerts and updates.

Quick installation

Quick implementation.

Undetectable by ransomware

Our backup servers are undetectable to ransomware.

How Beemo2Cloud works

Beemo2Cloud explained in one minute

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