The core of Beemo, our software :

Data Safe Restore

Beemo’s Data Safe Restore backup technology provides a set of features and services that make it a reference technology in the IT backup market. Where other solutions offer either local or external data backup, Data Safe Restore technology combines both levels to ensure optimal data security.


The strengths of Data Safe Restore

Local backup

A backup server on your local network.

Outsourced backup

Local server data replicated in two remote clouds.

Automatic backup

Backup actions are scheduled and customised.

Flash Rescue

Recover an identical workstation or server no matter what.

Business Continuity

Continue production even in the event of a hypervisor failure.

Source-based deduplication

To drastically limit the size of the storage.

Disk image backup

Back up entire disks or workstations.

Microsoft 365® Backup

Back up OneDrive and Microsoft 365® emails

Backup of mobile workstations

Back up mobile or teleworking workstations.

Data Safe Restore, the most complete French software !

All the features listed below are included in all Beemo solutions at no extra cost, as Beemo has no paid options and all customers benefit from the same technological advances, regardless of their budget.


Hosting data in the cloud raises questions about the security and accessibility of the data. In response, Beemo has developed Cloud2Beemo, the backup feature that puts you back in control of your cloud-hosted data through a reverse backup flow. This allows you to bring data originally hosted in the cloud back into your company.

The Cloud2Beemo function guarantees you permanent control over your data hosted in the cloud.

Update Cloud Storage Data Information Concept

Backup administration

It is possible to create as many backup sets as you want on the same workstation or the same server.

The administrator determines the rights of each user : management of options, settings, restoration, deletion.

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Data history

Data Safe Restore scans all safe files and retains those that have been modified since the last backup. A file is considered modified if its date or content has changed.

Customize the retention rules for backed up files :

Customize retention rules for files deleted from the backed up workstation :

Flash Rescue

Disasters no longer exist.

Broken computer ? Stolen ? Hacked ?

Restore it immediately and completely by simply inserting the USB Flash Rescue into any blank PC without any prior installation.

With Flash Rescue’s Bare Metal technology, get an identical machine back !

Source-based deduplication

Source-side deduplication has revolutionised the way backup solutions work. Files are split into blocks; when you modify a file, only the block that has been modified is saved, not the whole file. If necessary, you can always restore the entire file without the restore process changing.

The benefits are numerous :

Source-side deduplication makes Beemo backup solutions faster, smaller, and more efficient.

Disk image backup and restore

This feature allows you to save an entire machine (computer or server) as a perfect clone: the image. All the data on the machine is backed up identically : system, software, files, databases, partition table, etc.
Thus, in the event of a disaster (theft, loss, breakage, etc.) it is now possible to restore the entire machine on a so-called “bare” machine, regardless of brand or model; this means, for example, that if you lose an HP laptop, you can restore it on an Asus, provided, of course, that the size of its hard disk is at least equal to that of the lost laptop. The image restoration function therefore avoids the time-consuming steps of re-installing the system, then the software, then the files, then the settings, etc…

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Instant restoration

Instant Restore (or File Level Restore) is a feature that makes an item backed up by Beemo immediately available.

An instant restore allows you to explore the tree structure of a disk image volume, an ISO file or a virtual disk by creating a virtual image of the restored item that doesn’t consume disk space on the workstation or on the Beemo.

It is then possible to restore one or more files from this item.
To restore the contents of a file system, it is therefore not mandatory to save it in file mode.

Backup of mobile workstations

All companies have mobile (sales) and teleworking positions. All these workstations are nomadic since they are outside the company’s local network. They also need to be backed up.

With mobile backup, telecommuting employees can also benefit from regular data backup from anywhere at any time.

Nomadic backup is activated and performed automatically for all workstations on which the agent has been installed. For workstations that are constantly located outside the company network and on which the agent has not been installed, it is also possible to activate them remotely.

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Business Continuity

In the event of a disaster, Beemo’s Business Continuity allows a virtual machine to be instantly booted into a standby hypervisor from its last backup. This way, production does not stop. Once the “lost” machine is functional again and its data has been restored, all that remains is to “inject” the data created during its maintenance.

The main advantage of Business Continuity ?
The CPU and RAM usage of the hypervisor do not have to be supported by the Backup Box, in fact the hypervisor is installed on the machine of your choice, so you can adapt the power of this machine according to your needs !

Microsoft 365® Backup

Contrary to what one might think, Microsoft does not have a default backup for its customers’ data ; in case of mishandling, the administrator has no wildcard and can only rely on an external backup to recover lost or corrupted data. It is therefore necessary to secure this data in order to avoid any disaster in the event of a handling error, a cyber attack or even the cutting off of access to a SaaS service.

With our Microsoft 365 plugin, you can back up data from OneDrive as well as emails.

Backup : sauvegarde Microsoft 365
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Supported Operating Systems

  • Windows client : 98 to 11
  • Windows Server : NT4 to 2022
  • MacOS (ppc) : 10.1 to 11
  • MacOS (x86/x64): 10.4 to 11
  • Linux (x86): all kernel distributions >= 2.2
  • Linux (x64) : all distributions
  • Linux (ARM V8) : all distributions
  • SCO OpenServer : 5.0.6 to 6.0.x
  • AIX : 4.3 to 7.1
  • Solaris (sparc) : 2.5 to 10
  • Solaris (x86) : 2.5 to 11.3

Supported Hypervisors

  • Microsoft Hyper-V : 2008 to 2022
  • Clustered shared volumes (CSV) are supported
  • VMware vSphere ESX : 4.0 and 4.1
  • VMware vSphere ESXi : 4.1 to 7.0
  • vCenter and HA are supported

Hot backup

  • Windows client : XP to 11
  • Windows server : 2003 to 2022
  • Hot backup of SQL databases, Exchange databases, virtual hard disks, Outlook PST, …

Exchange plugin

  • Database mode : 5.5 to 2019
  • Sheet mode : 2003 to 2019 (requires .Net Framework 3.5 or higher)

Database plugin

  • Microsoft SQL Server (Windows) : 2000 to 2019
  • MySQL (Windows, Linux, MacOS) : 4.0 to 8.0
  • MariaDB (Windows, Linux, MacOS) : 4.0 to 8.0

Disk Image Backup Plugin

  • Windows client : XP to 11
  • Windows server : 2003 to 2022

Flash Rescue disk image recovery functionality

  • Windows operating system : 7 to 11
  • Server Windows : 2008R2 to 2022

Microsoft 365®

  • OneDrive
  • Exchange / Outlook

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