Hybrid backup for healthcare professionals

Beemo2Cloud Personal Health Data

The medical data backup solution

Beemo2Cloud HDS is the first hybrid backup solution designed to ensure that medical data is backed up in accordance with current legislation. Based on Beemo Data Safe Restore technology, the Beemo2Cloud HDS solution offers local and external backup. The entire IT system, including files containing personal health data, is first stored on the Beemo backup box within the institution. The data is then replicated in the two Jaguar Network hosting centres approved as “personal health data hosts” by ASIP Santé.

Radiologist analyzing brain MRI scan results of a patient on computer monitor in control room.
Your data is automatically saved on 3 different sites :
  1. on the Beemo placed in your establishment
  2. in a first secure Jaguar Network Data Center
  3. in a second secure Jaguar Network Data Center

The benefits of this solution


The guarantee of restoration of data stored at Jaguar Network, approved as a "personal health data host" by ASIP Santé


Continuous access to data stored on the Beemo.


An intuitive backup administration interface.


Automation of backup tasks, alerts and updates.

Quick installation

Quick implementation.

Undetectable by ransomware

Our backup servers are undetectable to ransomware.

How Beemo2Cloud HDS works

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