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Protect your business, back up your data.

Beemo Technology was created by Gabriel Biberian in the midst of the “internet bubble” and tape backup. From the outset, the company has distinguished itself on the market by the relevance of its backup solutions based on cutting-edge technology but accessible to all types of companies.

Beemo Technology relies on a dynamic and committed team that works together to meet the needs of companies through innovative solutions. The result of several years of research and development, Beemo’s solutions are continually redesigned to keep pace with technological developments and offer new features:

  • Block incremental to optimise data outsourcing,
  • Daily backup reports,
  • Backing up Exchange mailboxes on a sheet-by-sheet basis,
  • The VMware vSphere plugin,
  • The Universal Bare Metal restoration…

All these technological advances enable Beemo to offer its customers A backup solution that is always at the cutting edge and establishes its leadership in the market.

What is Beemo ?

Protect your business, back up your data

Computer data is vulnerable ; ransomware, hardware failure, operating errors, malicious acts, theft, fire or flooding can all affect it. However, this data is at the very heart of any company’s activity and its protection cannot be neglected.

Because not all companies are experts in IT security, Beemo offers backup solutions based on cutting-edge technology that are simple to implement, enabling companies to protect their data easily and effectively.

VSE/SME, Multi-Site, Large Accounts, there is a solution adapted to your needs

Each type of company has its own specific needs, which Beemo considers carefully in order to offer scalable backup solutions adapted to each of its customers. Beemo’s attention to the specificities and requirements of each business in terms of backup has been recognised and appreciated by professionals for many years, and is undoubtedly the key to the success of its solutions.

Beemo Technologie is in the process of obtaining ISO 27001 certification, a certification that attests to its commitment to placing constant customer satisfaction at the heart of its business by making quality, innovation and performance the key values of its activity.

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A network of “certified” partners, relaying Beemo’s expertise

Beemo backup solutions are distributed by a network of “certified” partners, experts in Beemo Technology backup solutions. Thanks to their knowledge and mastery of the solutions, they are able to identify customers’ needs, propose appropriate solutions, and support them in the deployment of the solution. For many years, this network has been growing steadily and is a high value-added relay for Beemo technology in France and abroad.

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Beemo’s Data Safe Restore  technology  provides a set of features and services that make it a  reference technology  in the IT backup market. Where other solutions offer either local or external data backup, Data Safe Restore technology combines both levels to  ensure optimal  data security.

As a core element of the Data Safe Restore technology, the  Beemo  is the  first level of  data backup. This storage box, whose capacity can be easily adapted to the different volumes of data to be backed up, is installed within the company, allowing continuous access to data even without an Internet connection.

The data already saved locally on the Beemo is outsourced partially or entirely to the Cloud located exclusively in France. This second level of backup ensures continuous data security and guarantees companies the constant availability of their information system, even in the event of a major incident.

SECURITY of backed-up data : regardless of the product chosen, the entire Beemo range includes an antivirus that protects backed-up data against all types of viral threats. Combined with systematic data encryption (AES 128bits algorithm) that makes it unreadable for anyone, the Beemo Technology backup solution offers optimal security conditions for confidential data.

CONTINUITY of your business : the Beemo Technology solution is able to respond to any problem that may affect the data, regardless of the level of criticality. In the event of a hardware failure, access to the data is maintained thanks to the locally installed Beemo which contains all the backups made. This makes it possible to restore data at any time, 24/7, even without Internet access. In the event of a major incident (fire, flood, etc.), Beemo Technology undertakes to restore all data backed up in the Data Centers to a new Beemo within 72 hours (Beemo2Cloud and Beemo2Cloud HDS solutions).

SIMPLICITY of use : entrusting the backup of your data to the Beemo experts means choosing a solution that is quick to implement, easy to use thanks to an intuitive administration interface and fully automatic in terms of backups, updates and alerts. Your backups are also monitored on a daily basis by our technical teams who will notify you if there are any problems.

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