Multi-site backup : 100% local


Back up and outsource your data within your company.

The Beemo2Beemo solution allows you to keep control of your data. The data is first backed up on a Beemo located at one of your company’s sites and then outsourced to a second Beemo located at a remote site. There is no external hosting, all your data remains within your company.

Several configurations are also possible depending on your backup needs. Beemo2Beemo will allow you to install as many Beemo’s as you need, which can be backed up on top of each other, or to centralise all the backups of your different Beemo’s on one. The Beemo2Beemo solution is modular and adapts to all network architectures, from the simplest to the most complex.


The benefits of this solution


Control of the data stored within the company


Continuous access to data stored on the Beemo.


An intuitive backup administration interface.


Automation of backup tasks, alerts and updates.

Quick installation

Quick implementation.

Undetectable by ransomware

Our backup servers are undetectable to ransomware.

How Beemo2Beemo works

Unlimited number of sites


Other Beemo solutions

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