HEC recommends Beemo

“More than 60% of our 700 employees are equipped with laptops to travel in France and around the world. The risk of incidents involving this equipment (breakage, theft, loss, etc.) is high, which increases its vulnerability. It is therefore important to ensure that user data is always available and accessible.

Until 2018, we did not have a backup of the data contained on individual computers.
After studying the backup market, we chose Beemo. Firstly, for the attractive prices and the scalability of the solutions. The storage of data on our premises also enables us to meet the requirements of the RGPD. Windows and MacOs compatibility was also very important to us. No impact on the user station. Finally, Beemo’s responsiveness to requests from our technical teams was decisive.

We have not experienced any major incident since installing the Beemo solution, although it has enabled us to restore user files that had been accidentally deleted or when the computer crashed.

To date we are very satisfied and I would recommend Beemo, especially for organisations with up to 500 workstations.”

Matias Helder, CIO, HEC Paris


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