The DSR agent notification icon is available again

L'icône de notification de l'agent DSR de nouveau disponible

If your machine is running under Windows you may have noticed a new icon in your taskbar. This is the Data Safe Restore icon that indicates the presence of the agent on your machine.

Visible in the taskbar since the first version of Data Safe Restore in 2002, this icon stopped being visible on Windows operating systems since Vista in 2007.
Since the release of Data Safe Restore version 14.0 in July 2014, which contains the latest updates, including the SQL, Exchange and VMware vSphere plugins, the icon is again displayed in the taskbar.

It appears automatically when the Data Safe Restore agent is downloaded and installed on your machine. It will let you know that the Data Safe Restore agent is installed and working. With this icon you will be able to manually launch backups but also to directly access the administration interface to manage your backup sets.

Please note : this icon is only visible under Windows operating systems.

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