Source-based deduplication

Backup déduplication à la source

Source-side deduplication has revolutionised the way our backup solutions work.

Some of your customers who are older than 2019 have not yet benefited from this feature.

However, the advantages are numerous: first and foremost, your customers will benefit from a large saving in disk space. Indeed, the same file can be saved with a high retention and occupy only a small space. The same applies to the compression/encryption phase, which has been optimised and integrated directly into the backup flow.
Your customers’ bandwidth will also be much less stretched, as less data will need to be outsourced.
Source-side deduplication makes Beemo backup solutions faster, smaller, more efficient and therefore more environmentally friendly.
Despite automated upgrade deployments, older backup sets do not support source deduplication automatically.

To switch a backup set to source deduplication, the JDS must be duplicated through the administration console.

Once this is done, you can choose to delete the old job, or keep it as an archive and keep the history and old versions of it.

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