The NAS Option : An option not to be neglected

Sauvegarde NAS

In today’s connected world, where data is the beating heart of business, protecting it is an absolute priority. Beemo Technologie, a French publisher specialising in innovative backup solutions, is offering a NAS option on its backup licences. This option, designed to enhance data security and availability, offers a host of benefits for businesses looking to protect their information systems from threats and failures.

1. Enhanced data security

Beemo Technologie’s NAS option provides an extra layer of data protection. By enabling backup on a dedicated, secure storage device, accessible via the network, it ensures total security of the backed up data. This preventive approach against cyber attacks, ransomware and other IT threats guarantees the integrity and confidentiality of company data.

2. Improving data availability

With the NAS option, Beemo Technologie ensures constant availability of the information system. In the event of failure of the main system, data remains accessible and can be recovered quickly from the NAS, minimising downtime and its impact on the business. This solution contributes to business continuity by providing uninterrupted access to critical information.

3. Simplified data management

Integrating the NAS option into Beemo Technologie’s backup solutions simplifies data management. Thanks to a user-friendly interface and automated procedures, businesses can easily configure their backup policies, schedule regular backups and monitor the status of their data. This ease of management means that IT teams can concentrate on value-added tasks.

4. Flexibility and scalability

The NAS option offers great flexibility and scalability. Businesses can adapt storage capacity as their needs change, without disrupting their existing infrastructure. This adaptability ensures an effective response to the challenges of growing data volumes.

Beemo Technologie’s NAS option is more than just an additional feature ; it is a strategic solution for businesses that aspire to secure, available and efficient data management. By choosing to activate this option on their backup licences, businesses are investing in the sustainability of their information systems and, by extension, in their long-term success.

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