Source deduplication is this month

Backup :

As previously announced, de-duplication will be available across the entire estate by the end of September. Find out more about its benefits and how to take advantage of it now.

Source-side deduplication revolutionises the way our backup solutions work. From now on, when your client modifies a file, only the block that has been modified will be saved, and not the whole file. If necessary, you can always restore the entire file without the restore process changing.

And there are many advantages : first and foremost, you can save a lot of disk space. This is because the same file can be backed up with high retention and occupy less space than it would without deduplication. The same applies to the compression/encryption phase, which has been optimised and integrated directly into the backup flow.
Your customers’ bandwidth will also be much less stretched, as less data will need to be outsourced.
Source-side deduplication makes Beemo backup solutions faster, smaller, and more efficient.

How will deduplication be deployed ? At the end of September, Beemo will update all boxes with new firmware, which will make your customers’ Beemo’s deduplication compatible. If you wish, you can take advantage of the update now by calling our technical service or by sending an e-mail.

To make the most of the many benefits of deduplication, Beemo has made available a new optimised hardware range this summer, for which you can find all the information here and in your partner area.

How can your customers benefit from deduplication on their existing backups ?

Your customers’ old backup sets cannot benefit from this new feature. It will therefore be necessary to create new jobs by duplicating the old ones. Once this is done, you can choose to delete the old job, or keep it as an archive and keep the history and old versions of it.

This new feature makes our backup solutions even more efficient and effective for you and your customers.

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